Shoafim Karaoke Tefilla

Another in our innovative series of Karaoke Tefillot took place this morning at Shoafim Tefilla.  This user-friendly, participatory use of technology succeeded in motivating all the chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) to join in a rousing, spirited Psukei D’Zimra.  Josh Edelglass was the Shaliach Tzibur (prayer leader) and did a great job of explaining various parts of the service, as well as how the kehilla (congregation) should respond in the correct spots.  One of the unique aspects of karaoke tefilla is that the kehilla follows along on the large screen (rather than each person in their individual siddur).   This first part of the morning service is our wake up call for the day, and was very effective! Yasher Koach!

Also present at Tefilla were several Nivonim chanichim who had “mini’s” in Shoafim.  This is part of the Nivonim Leadership Development program whereby Nivonimers partner up with a younger chanich and essentially begin their training to become a madrich (counselor).  They spoke to the Kehilla at the end of tefilla about why they participate in this program, as they wish to transmit to younger chanichim the wonderful experiences they had throughout their years at Ramah. Yasher Koach!

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