Shoafim learns about Kashrut (kosher laws)!


For our puelat erev (evening activity) a few days ago, Shoafim learned about the laws of kashrut. The counselors introduced the puelat erev by discussing all of the major laws relating to kashrut. The hanichim (campers) would have to use these laws in order to gain points throughout the evening's activity.

The first activity involved each bunk rotating through 5 stations, including "pin the scale on the fish" and checking for "paper-version" bugs in a bucket full of sand. Another station required hanichim to do situps and pushups in order to stay "fit" (the literal translation of kosher is "fit") and other hanichim enjoyed creating and drawing their own kosher animal according to the kosher laws we introduced in the beginning.

The second part of the puelat erev was "Capture the Kosher Counselor"! Each counselor was assigned a different animal to dress up as, varying from a dolphin to a cow to a dog. Some of these animals were kosher and others were not. Each counselor hid outside and each bunk had to travel together to find the counselor. Once a counselor was found, the bunk had to determine whether the counselor was kosher or not. A kosher counselor was worth +300 points, while a non-kosher counselor was worth -100 points! Bunk 35 won this game by capturing 5 kosher counselors! Overall, the puelat erev was both educational and fun for all both the hanichim and tzevet (counselors)! 






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