Shoafim and Solelim: Yom Nifla (Wonderful Day!)

Rosh Shoafim Claire M. wished everyone in Shoafim a Yom Nifla (wonderful day) Sunday morning at the conclusion of Tefilot.   New and special on Sunday: New Chugim (electives)! All the chanichim (campers) switched to new chugim, and got to try new activities, learn new skills and continue to build community.

Fast forward:

Solelim and Shoafim had a dramatic, theatrical evening.  Their joint peulat erev (evening activity) involved each tzrif (bunk) developing a funny skit meeting the following guidelines: the skit had to include 100 Milim (Hebrew words); every tzrif member had to have a role; and each tzrif must use one creative prop.  And more: the skit had to be about one of the following scenarios: Yom sport breakout; lunch at the pavilion at Six Flags; Fidget spinning with Sarah Berman Shabbat chug; Meds line at the Marp (infirmary); Morning boating; Chipmunk in the Tzrif; Finding a tick!  The chanichim had a raucous, fun, creative peula in the Tzad Aleph Migrash (field) on this beautiful cool Sunday evening at Palmer.

The joint group of Solelim and Shoafim was then treated to the Drama chug play, “The Mystery of Ebenezer Manor” (photo above).  The Drama Chug is led by Rosh Drama Inbal Caplan (photo below), a Jerusalem native.  She teaches drama at a High School in Maaleh Adumim, and acts, primarily in musicals, all around Israel.   Her most recent shows: Avenue Q, Cats, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Back here at Palmer, our actors from Solelim and Shoafim adapted a script, rehearsed (photos, below) and performed (photo, top) the play for the entire Solelim and Shoafim community to great accolades and applause.

The Mystery of Ebenezer Manor


Emma as Molly, the one who died

Leora as the Ghost of Ebenezer Manor and the narrator

Raina as the crazy lady who provided comic relief

Hannah as Mary Jean the servant, who murdered Molly and poisoned the Lady of the manor

Anya as the Lady of the Manor

Hannah as Angelina the grandmother, Molly’s guardian

Noa as the Doctor who saved the Lady of the Manor

Ev as the Investigator, who investigates the death of Molly

Maisy and Abby served as understudies

Spoiler alert: the play concludes with Molly being tagged.

All in all, a dramatic and fun Yom Nifla for Solelim and Shoafim!



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