Shoafim’s Tefilah Aerobics and Breakfast in Bed


This morning in Shoafim, our hanichim saw
a different kind of start to their day than usual.  While all the other eidot in camp were eating
in the hadar ocher (dining hall), Shoafim took advantage of the pristine
weather and our beautiful tefilah space to have an eidah-wide "breakfast
in bed" on the magnificent mirpeset (porch) overlooking the lake and its
bordering mountains.  The day began with
tefilah aerobics in which the madrichim got everybody up
and moving to the rhythms of "light the menorah," "the
amidah," "hagbah/gelilah," and other Jewish ritual motions.  After tefilot, the hanichim set up a
"bed" for themselves on the mirpeset with pillows and blankets they
brought from their tzrifim, and in our pajamas the whole edah enjoyed
"breakfast in bed" right on the water with soothing music in the
background.  It was a pleasant start to
another spectacular day here in Shoafim 2010.


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