Palmer Commodities Exchange: Nivonim Yom Trade-up! Free Trade Run Amok…

Free Trade Run Amok: for 36 hours, our Nivonim chanichim (campers) fanned out around the 100-acre property that we know and love as CRNE, aka Palmer.  Their mission: to begin with one paper clip each, and trade continuously for 36 hours, amassing vast quantities of…well…things.  Many, many, things were amassed.  The details of each trade were logged by each of the Nivonim chanichim.  On a clipboard, of course.  The Chursha (grove) was turned into the PCE: Palmer Commodities Exchange, with happy, frenzied chanichim engaged in the pursuit of…well…more things.  The only commodity not openly traded…pork bellies.  Fun was had by all!

Acting Rosh Edah Sarah Kieval says “Yom Tradeup gave the Nivonim chanichim the opportunity to display their creativity and interact with people all over camp. In addition to physical commodities, our chanichim traded to be rosh for a morning, ultimate coach for an afternoon, sing eshet chayil in the chadar ochel, and for a misheberach”.

Hinuch co-Rosh (Education Co-Chair) Rabbi Elliot Goldberg has the last word, appropriately:  “As for me, I would have been perfectly content with and grateful for the initial simple, elegant paper clip, given my heightened awareness of ‘hakarat haTov’ (gratitude) especially this summer; but gesunderheit, trade up, and then — be grateful”



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