Six Flags Origins on Ten for ROO!

Leora Kimmel Greene joins our Ten for ROO podcast for a short FACT CHECK on the origins of the all-camp trip to Six Flags!

A few episodes back, Josh and Rabbi Gelb were reminiscing about the origins of the Six Flags trip, and we might have gotten a few things wrong, so Leora is here to set the record straight! Leora was instrumental in starting this tradition, working with Josh and Rabbi Gelb, and it was a lot of fun sharing memories and stories about running this trip over the years. Michelle still might not truly believe we actually do this… but she’ll hopefully see for herself this summer as we’re excited for the Six Flags trip to return this kayitz! Get excited!

Leora Kimmel Greene has held many jobs at Ramah New England.  She was a madricha (counselor) and Rosh Edah, she was a registrar and program director. Most recently, last summer she was the director of the inaugural week of our Boston Day Camp! We were thrilled that Leora joined us on the podcast for this short fact-check episode.