Solelim Brings Heart and Soul

Solelim has had a fabulous first week together!! Not only have we had three incredible days of chugim (electives) like digital photography, ropes, wood-working, tennis, advanced basketball, outdoor cooking, and clay on the wheel (just to mention a few!), we have also had festive birthday celebrations for Eli Bardash, energetic tfilot with special guests like Sally Heckelman, Ariella Rosen, and Cantor Heather, and a spectacular medura (campfire) last night filled with ruach (spirit), and of course, s’mores!

We have talked a lot about how we prepare for Shabbat, in our physical, mental, and spiritual realms. We could not be more ready! We are going to celebrate an amazing Shabbat together, focusing on the theme of communication and trust.

Shabbat Shalom from Solelim!!

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