Solelim celebrates Shabbat Nivonim

The theme of our Shabbat this week in Solelim was Zachor/memory. The parasha this week, Ki Teitzei, is full of things that Moses asks the people to remember. Chief among them is to remember that we were slaves in Egypt– a memory which commands ethical behavior. In Solelim this shabbat we shared memories from this session that we think will inform our whole year– memories from camp that have the power to change us and allow us to grow. We heard a Dvar Torah on Friday night from Miriam, a Nivonimer, about remembering how special a place camp is and one on Shabbat morning from Shara, the rosh hinuch, about the differences between remembering and never forgetting. I think this month and the whole summer of Solelim 2013 was incredibly memorable and I can’t wait for next year!!

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