Solelim Dedicates their New Moadon

We are so excited to welcome Solelim 2012 to camp, both returning campers and new campers!  This year, with the remodeling of the welcome center and Omanut (the arts building) , a new moadon/clubhouse was built, which Solelim is using this year. The new space is beautiful, and the windows on the eastern wall overlook the agam/lake, so that we can see out during tefilot/prayer in the morning.

Because it is a new space, and the theme of the summer this year for camp is Makom Kadosh/holy space, we decided that one of our opening activities would be to consecrate, or make holy, our moadon by bringing the Torah into it for the first time with much fanfare. Madrichim/counselors held a tallit over the person holding the Torah, and the whole edah danced and sang as we ushered the Torah around tzad aleph/A-side and into our moadon. Once inside, we all drew pictures of places that we consider to be holy, and talked about how we can work together to make our Moadon and our Edah a place that is Kadosh/holy. We sang the edah song, Rad Hayom/Taps in Hebrew, and returned to our tzrifim/bunks for laila tov!


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