Solelim Goes on a Journey…

   This past Shabbat the Torah portion was called Ma'asei, which means journeys – it records all of the journeys that Bnei Yisrael took while in the desert on their way to the Holy Land. This parsha fits in perfectly with the theme of camp this summer, which is Journeys. Each of the Solelimers on Thursday, during our weekly medurah (bonfire), wrote down (on a cutout shaped as a road) a goal or journey that they want to take this summer. Some of these journeys included reading Torah, getting an Aliyah to the Torah, making new friends, etc.

   On Shabbat we did an excellent peulat Shabbat where we did a masa (journey) through camp from Tzad Aleph, the gates of camp, and the younger edot to Tzad Bet, the older edot, the staff lounge, and summed up with Israel and Seminar. Some Solelimers might have started on their Machaneh Ramah journey last year in Ilanot, or even in Kochavim, but some are just starting now. We spoke to some chanichim (campers) in Magshimim and then then had a five minute session with Rosh NIvonim. They all got a good sense of the order of camp and the journeys one takes, both spiritually and physically through camp!

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