Solelim has a ball at Yom Monopoly! (Part I)


   Solelim has been learning a lot about business ethics and how we act towards one another. Yesterday we encorporated this educational theme into our fun theme – Monopoly ( or in Hebrew: Monopol!), which was great!

     We started out the day by doing a charity project and making cards for people in the local hospital. Each Solelimer wrote something to the extent of 'hope you feel better' or 'thinking of you' – it was very sweet. Then we continued on to discuss a bit about Bikur Cholim (visiting the sick) and how it is a value that we have in Judaism.

     Afterwards, we played a game called "You be the Judge" where each small group saw some madrichim  (counselors) do a small skit portraying a moral dilema, and then the Solelimers had to be the judge of what should be done in that case. For example, if a person goes into a store and gets more change back than deserved, should they go back and give the money back or keep it? Another one was if a person leaves a purse at the movies and the woman behind the counter finds it, does it go to her or the store owner?

    Another event that we did yesterday as part of Yom Monopoly was that we had fun planting " Solelim Buddy (Marvin) Gardens." We took pots, dirt, and some water, and planted mint seeds and parsley seeds. Now they are on all the mirpasot (porches) and we can watch them grow just like our friendships!




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