Solelim Participates in a Tzad Aleph Yom Sport!


  On Sunday, Tzad Aleph had a mini-Yom Sport. They participated in a plethora of different games and sports: a hula-hoop contest, a banner, cheer, and dance competition, and a Chidon Tanach (a Torah Quiz). The kids got into different colors to participate on different teams to compete with one another. Of course there were lots of rivalries, and banners and cheers that had Hebrew on them scored more points. Instead of the Apache Relay, which is the biggest and best race of the whole day, and is usually outside, we had to do all of the tasks inside the Beit Am Aleph. It was even more fun because it turned into a game like this new TV show called "Minute to Win It," which is taking everyday objects and using them in weird ways. So the kids had to do different tasks and race against each other…here are some pictures…



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