Solelim Peulat Shabbat

In the middle of Shabbat afternoon, every edah gets together for a Peulat Shabbat (Shabbat activity). Often related to the weekly Torah portion, this activity is a great time for conversations about Judaism or God or Community or Makom Kadosh (holy space), which is our summer theme.

This week, Solelim took a long walk through the “wilderness” of Machaneh Gimel (the third big field in camp) and through the woods, led by their Rosh Edah as Moshe and their counselors pretending to be complaining Israelites. On the way we learned a little bit about the mitzva of Eruv, and how carrying is permitted within the eruv because public and private spaces are all mixed up.

When we arrived at the Treehouse in the middle of the woods, the Edah stood together and received the 10 Commandments of Solelim (modeled after the 10 Commandments found in this past week’s Parasha). We sat in circles and discussed the ways in which rules help create community. The basic question was: why the 10 commandments.

It was a great conversation, and the kids got really into it– discussing the pros and cons of having rules in general. Shavua Tov! Have a great week!

By the way, there was a little snafu with the last few blogs I posted, so I am putting links to my last three blogs below. It is also possible to read just the Solelim blogs by clicking on the Solelim 2012 category on the sidebar panel. I hope you enjoy!


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