Solelim Reveals the Secret Solelim Handshake


Yesterday, the whole camp joined together for a carnival, banquet, edah presentations, shira (singing), and rikud (dancing). At the carnival, we enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres served by the hanhallah (senior staff), went on moon bounces, got our faces painted, and went to fortune tellers! The banquet was full of delicious food and much ruach (spirit). The evening concluded with the whole camp in the Beit Am Gadol. Solelim debuted our Secret Solelim Handshake that we have been perfecting all summer, and we sung our spirited edah song, to the tune of Zeeben Zeeben, in front of everyone. It was a wonderful way to conclude the first session of camp!


Solelim girls!
Solelim boys!

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