Solelim Update

Dear Solelim Families,

            We had another great Solelim Yom Meyuchad (Special Day) yesterday! Yom Captain Planet was filled with activities about camp’s environment, the food chain, and recycling.  One of the things the entire camp has been working on is conserving energy and food and Solelim has been very active in promoting recycling, composting and general energy conservation in our own edah (age group).  The yom included a game of Hawks, Snakes and Rabbits – a tag game modeled after the food chain – and a treasure hunt around camp – aimed at finding things in nature and giving points to the campers who turned off the most unnecessary lights.  The majority of the day was designed to encourage tzrifim (bunks) to work in teams and work together to accomplish their objectives.  The day ended in a tzad-wide water fight which both watered the grass and cooled us down after a hot day full of activities.

Have a wonderful weekend & Shabbat shalom!

Jessie Fruithandler, Rosh Solelim

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