Adat-haSolelim: Yom Ragil!

This morning the adat-haSolelim chanichim (campers) began their day with a lovely tfila.  Some familiar tunes were chanted, and a few new tunes introduced — some with hand motions that reflected the meaning of the words.  At the conclusion, the Rosh Edah Emily F. announced this would be a “Yom Ragil” (regular schedule) — which interestingly is more than the exception than the rule, given how many unique and special activities happen most days here at Palmer!   She also explained how important Nikayon (clean-up chores) is for health and safety here at camp, and therefore we have a fun incentive system.  Each tzrif (bunk) would get points based on how thorough their Nikayon was that day.  At the end of the week, the tzrif with the most points would get a special treat — a frozen pop party on Shabbat afternoon! Even Nikayon is fun at Palmer!



Categories: Solelim, Tefillot