Sports Chugim (Electives)are Right on the Mark! by Anna Elfenbaum

Today brought loads of smiles, goals, baskets, kicks, spins, bullseyes, homeruns, spikes and even some downward dogs to our first day of sports chugim (electives). From our youngest Kochavim to our oldest Nivonim, competition, agility and fun could be seen throughout camp.  Chanichim (campers) enjoyed tennis, archery, street hockey, ultimate, dance, krav maga, soccer, basketball and so much more – all taught by our wonderful counselors – many of whom grew up playing on the same fields and courts of Machane (Camp) Ramah. When asked about her rikud (dance) experience, one chanich (camper) said: “I loved class today, I need to keep dancing over the summer and this is a good way I can do that! In addition to giving campers the chance to try new sports and learn new skills, one of the things that makes sports so special here at camp is that our counselors work hard to create the same experience they had when they were campers.  


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