Tefilot at Camp Ramah


Making tefilot fun, accessible and meaningful at camp is a challenge.  With campers coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we work hard to strike a balance that will appeal to everyone.  Almost all prayer at camp takes place by edah (age divison) and the structure grows and becomes more sophisticated as the campers grow.  We work to help campers become comfortable with the Hebrew of the service, the choreography, and we hope to touch their souls through song and quiet reflection.  We have special days like “say it out loud Sundays” and “shira b’shishi (Friday singing service)” and other creative services.  Additionally, we encourage campers to lead tefilot, read Torah and take on other honors.  Our goal is to help Ramahniks establish a life long connection to prayer.  Below is Solelim praying on the beach with song leader Sally Heckelman.  IMG_2424