Ten For ROO Kayitz ’23 Updates!

Our 2023 theme is “marbim b’simcha” — increasing our joy — and we’re feeling a lot of joy having celebrated Purim a few weeks ago and thus knowing that camp is not far off! In this episode of our Ten for ROO podcast, Rabbi Gelb, Michelle & Josh talk about all the things we’re excited about that will be coming in kayitz (summer) 2023!

We drop some updates on Six Flags and share the history of this all-camp trip; Michelle gives the origins of Yom Avatiyach (Watermelon Day), and we talk about this summer’s celebration of the 40th year of Yom Roo! We also talk about the Mike Pletman packing method, those who refer to us as “Ramah New England” vs those who say “Ramah Palmer,” and we all gush with excitement over the arrival of Ted Lasso season three.

You can listen to Ten for ROO wherever you listen to your podcasts, or by clicking below: