Ten for ROO Podcast Episode Two!

How did young Michelle Sugarman appear on this billboard?? Listen to the second episode of Ten for ROO, our new Ramah New England podcast, and find out!

It’s available on Spotify, Google, Apple, and most major podcast platforms. You can also listen to it here:

In this episode, Rabbi Gelb, Josh and Michelle get to know one another better by asking each other questions from the Vogue 73 Question Challenge. Rabbi Gelb waxes poetic about Bruce Springsteen and discussed the proper pronunciation (and meaning behind) the word Vayidgu in Hamalach Hagoel Oti, the popular Seudah Shlishit song. Michelle reveals that she appeared on a billboard as a child, and Josh talks about an important car lesson he learned from his dad.

If you want to listen to Bruce Springsteen telling the story about meeting a fan that Rabbi Gelb referenced, here it is: