Ten for ROO Podcast with David Offit!

On this week’s episode of our Ten for ROO podcast, we were delighted to be joined by the “golden pipes” of the one and only David Offit, long-time Ramah chanich (camper), madrich (counselor), Rosh Edah (Division Head), Program Director, and current board member!

David, sporting a glorious Hanukkah sweater that we wish you all could see, talked with us about change at camp, specifically the Alpine Tower and the K’far Nivonim.  We reminisced about his famous harga’aot (his night-time singing performances for tzrifim), his favorite Seudah Shlishit songs and his opinions on their proper order, and the best camp machazemers (plays/musicals) that he’s ever seen.  We also explored David’s many momentous achievements as a Ramah staff-member, from appearing on an edah t-shirt, to having an a cappella song composed about him, to having a life-size cardboard cut-out made of him to mark the path to the new Chadar Ochel.

Be sure to listen to the end for a fun musical surprise!

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