Ten for ROO Podcast with Sean & Jackie!

We’re thrilled to welcome Jackie Romito-Carey & Sean Carey to our podcast this week! Sean & Jackie are the incredible team who run our Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) over the summer, and they also oversee all of the retreats and events that happen at camp during the off-season.

In this episode, we’ll peel back the curtain to talk all about food-service at camp! You’ll get to hear Jackie & Sean talk about their favorite and least-favorite meals to serve, what meals are the most popular with our campers, and so much more. We talk about Sean’s deep-fried popcorn, Mexican lasagna, Friday night brisket, late-night staff snacks, and all the different types of events we host at camp during the off-season (including the recent B’not Mitzvah of Josh’s daughters Tahlia & Reya, for which Sean & Jackie served an incredible array of food about which Josh can’t stop raving during our conversation). We also talk about bald eagles and other wildlife at camp!