T’fila & adat-haIlanot

The chanichim (campers) of adat-haIlanot had a lovely t’fila.  They did a lively version of Ashrei, and Or Hadash with hand motions.  The loud train blast tried to drown out the “Shomea T’fila” bracha, as usual, but did not succeed of course thanks to the ruach emanating from the chanichim and tzevet (staff) alike.  Andy W., the intrepid Rosh Edah, asked the chanichim to think of one thing that they got better at this summer, while they recited the Amidah.  After the Amidah, he asked the campers to share their thoughts.  Some responses were: ultimate frisbee, ceramics, mosaics, origami, nagarut, singing, swimming, Nikayon (cleaning chores!), listening in Hinuch (education), trying new foods, and being nicer to friends.  Andy suggested they bring these things home to their families.  He shared a story about someone who started out to change and improve the world, and then her country, and then her town, and then her family, and then herself – but by then she was old.  Rather, she realized, if she had begun with changing and improving herself, that would have in turn changed and improved her family, then her town, then her country, and then her world.  One step at a time.





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