The First-Ever All-Camp “It’s A Good Life” Chug Reunion!


At the start of the summer I wrote about how we were down to one final bottle of Adirondack brand blueberry soda, which for many years was the official drink of the special "It's a Good Life" chug that we run for Shoafim.  Adirondack stopped making that particular brand of silly soda years ago, and I have been rationing out the bottles I had left-over.  After several years, we were finally down to our last bottle. 

8.11.GoodLifeReunion 005
To mark the occasion of finishing off the final bottle, I decided to host our first ever all-camp "It's a Good Life" chug reunion!  Anyone at camp — campers AND staff — who had ever been in the "It's a Good Life" chug were invited to join all of this year's Shoafim Good Lifers for a celebratory oneg, as we all shared the final bottle. 

8.11.GoodLifeReunion 026 

It was a momentous and fun event!!  I was delighted by how many former Good Lifers came to Tzad Aleph for the occasion.  When we opened the last bottle, there were cheers.  Since the soda had, ahem, gone a little flat during the years in storage, we carefully mixed in a small amount of Adirondack brand seltzer in order to restore some carbonation to the beverage.  We poured cups of blueberry soda for all of the gathered Good Lifers, and then raised a toast to Camp Ramah and to our Good Lives!

8.11.GoodLifeReunion 022

8.11.GoodLifeReunion 029 
As if that wasn't enough, after finishing off the blueberry soda, all of the Nivonim 2010 Good Lifers hung around to open the time capsule they had made back when they were in the Good Life chug in Shoafim 2006.  It was so much fun watching them all discover the objects they had left for themselves back in 2006, as well as the letters that many of them had written to their 2010 selves.

8.11.GoodLifeReunion 013.rotated 

All in all, it was a great event.  It saddens me that we've consumed the very last of the Adirondack brand blueberry soda, but rest assured the "It's a Good Life" chug will continue.  There are lots more blue drinks out there in the world!