Tikvah Block Party – the Best Party in Town! by Sam Landes

On Wednesday afternoon, campers and staff from across all 8 edot got to participate in one of the most widely anticipated events of the summer, the Tikvah Block Party! First conceived as a way to bring Amitzim and Voc Ed together into one unified community, the Block Party is a beautiful snapshot of what it is to be in Tikvah! To go to the Block Party is to eat cookies prepared by Voc Ed’s in-house bakery, to sing karaoke and play lawn games around the Amitzim bunks, and to step inside Moadon Amitzim to sip grape juice while gazing at a summer’s worth of art created by Tikvah participants, and most importantly, to have fun!!

This year’s block party was a smashing success, featuring face painting, karaoke, cookie decorating, a snacks and lemonade stand, ice pops, lawn games, banner painting, an art gallery, and a raffle drawing in which 12 lucky campers won limited edition Tikvah Block Party tee shirts. For the fifth year running, Tikvah threw the best party in town, and is looking forward to the 2024 Block Party for more of the same.