The Time Traveler’s Magshimimers


Magshimim has had quite an exciting week, full of fun activities. Each tzrif (bunk) had a great peulat tzrif (bunk activity) the other day. Everyone had a great time bonding – whether through trust games, meaningful talks, or arts and crafts.

Here is a picture of Tzrif 56 during their peulat tzrif:


Yesterday we had Yom Zman Warp (Yom Time Warp), where the chanichim (campers) traveled through time throughout the different parts of the day doing activities appropriate for that time period. Magshimim dug for dino remains, mummy-wrapped each other, made some incredible human pyramids, and finger-painted, as appropriate for the Renaissance Period. With each activity, Magshimim collected parts to put together their time machine so that they could make it to their 70s Bar Mitzvah party in time! Once they built their time machines in their groups, they participated in a relay race. Once at the Bar Mitzvah party, the chanichim got to play fun party games like Coke and Pepsi, though in this version directions were shouted out in Hebrew. So, expect to hear your kids yelling words like yamina (right), smola (left), and hafuch (switch sides) at the next bar/bat mitzvah party they attend! 


While we did not think yesterday's excitement could be topped, today was our kids' first day of kishroniyah! Everone in Magshimim is placed in a fun activity that they will focus on for the next few days. There are some awesome options, like jewelry-making, mural-painting, dance, and working with some sports professionals in basketball, flag football, and tennis. The chanichim are having a great time! I love walking around seeing smiling campers – there were many of those today!


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