Tikvah Block Party

Nothing says summer like a good old fashion block party. This evening Tikvah invited the entire Machaneh Ramah to the best block party ever! It was fun, festive, delicious, creative and filled with such joy. This amazing event was spearheaded by Sam Landes, one of our senior Tikvah staff-members, and every part was planned with the focus of giving the Tikvah community a chance to shine. And shine they did! The block party was a huge success; the Tikvah village was filled with chanichim (campers) from Tzad Aleph (A side) and Tzad Bet (B side) and tzevet (staff). There were so many activities to do and delicious foods to sample — it was hard to choose what to do first! There was cookie decorating, a photoshoot booth, face painting, carnival games, banner making, a punch and treat station, an art exhibit with a grape juice and cheese tasting… and so much more. The event concluded with karaoke and a raffle for a chance at CRNE swag.

Everyone left the evening with sweets in their hand and joy in their hearts. It was a powerful reminder of how much the Tikvah program is an integral part of the Machaneh Ramah community. We were given the honor of being invited into the Tikvah village where we experienced what the true essence of Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming in guests) is.  This was a teachable moment and the best block party we’ve ever been to!

Categories: Amitzim, Tikvah