Tisha B’av Mincha

The entire Tzad Bet (B-side) gathered today in the chorsha (grove) for a special Tisha B’av mincha prayer service. The chanichim (campers) sat on benches that had been turned on their sides as they were lower to the ground representing a sign of mourning. The holiday of Tisha B’av is the commemoration of the destruction of the holy temple in Jerusalem thousands of years ago, and therefore it is on this day that many of our customs surrounding the day do mirror tose of sadness and mourning.

*During the afternoon Mincha service, the mood of Tisha B’av becomes more hopeful. Tallit and tefillin are worn at this service. Both the Torah reading and the haftarah reading of this service are the same as on all other public fasts, describing the Thirteen Attributes of God and the promise of salvation. Special prayers of comfort are also a feature of this service. (source myjewishlearning.com)

After Mincha the chanichim were given the opportunity to attend a shuir (Torah learning class) in the Beit Knesset (synagogue) where they discussed the different haftarot read on Tisha B’av.


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