Tochnit Avodah (Voc-ed) celebrates erev July 4th

On July 3, in the evening, Tochnit Avodah (Voc-ed) celebrated 4th of July by making cupcakes with vanilla icing, strawberries, blueberries and silver sprinkles.  The petulat erev (evening activity) lead by Marcia Glickman (me) was so much fun.  The voc-eders divided into four groups and everyone took part. There was an icing making group, a cupcake making group, a gluten-free cupcake making group and a fruit washing/cutting group.

Once the cupcakes were in the oven and the kitchen was clean, I read my favorite story, “The Secret Ingredient,” and we talked about what makes holidays special. After shower time, voc-ed came back to decorate and eat the fruits of their labor.  They froze the extra dessert to serve for their weekly Shabbat oneg.

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