A Tribute: To Our Palmer Fire Department & Yom Foam

This is a brief tribute to the hardworking firefighters who dealt with numerous emergencies this morning and still kept their commitment to our favorite and beloved Yom Foam (foam day) on Tzad Aleph.   Speaking of our theme for the summer — Hakarat Hatov — gratitude — let’s pause before we get to the indulgence of viewing our own children’s photos to express our deep appreciation for the hard work of these tireless public servants.  They risk their lives for the public good.

In particular a shout out to Laurie and Sean, pictured here, administering the foam to our Tzad Aleph migrash (field) as hundreds of our chanichin (campers) and tzevet (staff) eagerly await the mad ecstatic rush into the foam.  The photo below shows a brave and gracious Shoafim chanich who thanked the firefighters before climbing aboard.

Laurie was the first female firefighter  in Palmer, and has now served 12 years.  Sean has served 16 years.  Thank you, Laurie, Sean, Tanker 1, and the entire Palmer Fire Department!  We appreciate you!

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