Trips are Back at Camp Ramah New England!

After a hiatus caused by COVID-19, the much-awaited return of trips this summer has infused camp with a sense of excitement and adventure. The return of these cherished outings marks a significant step towards normalcy and has brought joy and happiness to each camper this year.  

 While some trips followed their traditional formats, such as the Tikvah participants’ outing to the museums in Springfield, new trips were also planned. For the first time, Nivonim (entering 11th grade) spent two nights and three days out of camp to visit Niagara Falls. Thanks to the hospitality of the Syracuse Jewish community, they were able to use a local synagogue as their home base and enjoyed some hiking and beach time on their way to and from the falls. Our second oldest campers in Machon (entering 10th grade) also explored nature as part of their “Funyaking” adventure. (In Funyaking, participants paddle down the Charles River in inflatable kayaks!) 

 Participants in our basketball program had the privilege of traveling to tournaments this summer. At Camp Tel Noar first session, our girls’ basketball team won the day! Second session, our boys competed hard at Camp Yavneh. Our coaches and players alike were thrilled with these opportunities to play. 

 Lastly, our days at the Six Flags Amusement Park were a triumph this summer, thanks to beautiful weather each day. All Camp Ramah New England campers went to Six Flags first session, and our Tzad Aleph campers went second session as well. A special innovation this year included kosher hot dogs, delivered fresh from the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) to our pavilion at the park during the second session trip. Each trip was planned to maximize the campers’ time in the park so that everyone could enjoy the rides and the waterpark. Be sure to ask your camper what their favorite part was!