TRY 2010

A week
and a half ago Rachel Fraade, Elijah Goldman, Amanda Lehman and Miriam Stern from
Ramah New England, got on a plane and headed off to Israel for TRY 2010.

Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim)is the Ramah Jerusalem High School, a fully
accredited international secondary school program. TRY offers tenth and
eleventh graders the opportunity to live and learn in the land of Israel. For
four months – February through June – TRY’ers experience every facet of the
country; they hike up Masada and down the Ramon Crater, bike through the desert
and barbeque on the beach. They volunteer in community service projects, learn
Hebrew intensively and undergo simulated army basic training. They will
participate in daily prayer and experience different shuls each Shabbat in
Jerusalem. They will visit with friends and family, keep up a regular school
schedule and spend a span of the Jewish calendar in a new and different

entire Camp Ramah New England community wishes them a wonderful experience and
can’t wait to hear their wonderful stories and memories.


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