Two Generations of Greenbergs In Tikvah

Guest blog written by Howard Blas, National Ramah Tikvah Network Director:

When Herb and Barbara Greenberg founded the Tikvah Program in 1970 at Camp Ramah in Glen Spey, New York — which soon after relocated to Palmer, MA — they could not have imagined that every Ramah camp would one day include campers with disabilities.  They could also not imagine a day 53 years later when one of their grandchildren, Asher Greenberg, of their hometown of Renana, Israel, would work as a Tikvah counselor.

While this is Asher’s first full summer in Tikvah, he actually had a taste of Tikvah last summer when he answered a call from Ramah New England looking for a Tikvah counselor.  Asher was willing to leave his job on the ropes course to give Tikvah a try.   “I said, ‘what the heck’ and gave it a try.”  Asher notes, “It was a total shock — working 24/7, day and night.”  He had such a positive experience that he decided to return to Tikvah for the full kayitz of 2023.  “I loved the campers and staff and it was a lot of fun,” reports Greenberg, who is concerned that it may be difficult to return next summer once he starts his university studies in computer science at Hebrew University.

Asher loves the “different mindset” of working in Tikvah where “everyone lends a helping hand and feels that my success is your success.”  He is also pleased to share an experience with his beloved grandparents who directed the Tikvah Program for 29 years.  “They are over the moon — they love that I am here and want to hear all about it!”

Herb Greenberg, the proud saba, reports, “It goes without saying, of course, that both of us are delighted and proud that our grandson chose to work with the Tikvah Program.” Barbara Greenberg adds, “Our feelings about a grandson working in the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah New England where we began the Program in 1970 — we’re delighted and proud that he chose to spend his summers engaged in this rewarding, but challenging, work.”

We can’t wait to hear about the conversations Saba, Savta and Asher will have back home in Renana when kayitz 2023 comes to a close!

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