Tzad Aleph Rashei Edot on Ten for ROO!

Get to know our incredible 2023 Tzad Aleph (A-Side) Rashei Edot (Division Heads), as well as our Rosh Amitzim, in this exciting episode of our Ten for ROO podcast!

We’re joined by Rosh Ilanot Hadas Bromberg Seltzer, Rosh Solelim Devasha Solomon, Rosh Shoafim Josh Strauss, and Rosh Amitzim Eliana Bazer!  We also interview Rosh Kochavim Emma Gelb, starting at 32:22!

Our amazing Rashei Edot tell us their Ramah origin stories, talk about the inspirational mentors they’ve had at camp, and share the things they’re most excited about for their edah this summer at camp!  We also talk about their favorite chugim (elective activities) at camp, their favorite camp meals, and the veteran Roshim talk about their favorite Rosh Edah moments.  We also dig deep into Rabbi Gelb’s last morning of camp playlist, the Rosh Edah d’var Torah competition that we run every year during the Shabbat of Shavua Hachana (Staff Week), and we invent a new triple pickle chug.

Our Tzad Bet Roshim will be coming in our next podcast, so stay tuned…!

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