Tzad Aleph: Rikud in our Brand New Chadar Ochel!

Tzad Aleph (A-side) chanichim (campers) enjoyed some rowdy rikud (dancing) and pretend surfboard riding, when dinner ended last night in our brand new Chadar Ochel (dining room).  Accompanied by guitarists and Visiting Shira Specialists Phil Bressler and Micah Pickus (photo above), the crowd enjoyed many new and old favorites.  For example, the song “Hagalshan Sheli” (my surfboard) is a great summer song with perfect lyrics (below), accompanied by dancing and “surfing”.  What a great prelude to medurot (campfires) before bedtime!


Yom bahir shel shemesh Ain shum ananim
Ani vekol hachevah El hayam nosim
Lakachnu et haoto Habanot kvar sham
Kshelachof nagia Notzim et hagalshanPizmon:
Shuv anachnu mitgalshim
Rochvim al hagalim
Hinei ba od gal gadol
Zehirut rak lo lipol
Mechof Bat Yam ud Hertzliya
Ze rak ani vehagalshan sheli!
A bright sunny day with no clouds
Me and all my friends go to the beach
We took the car, the girls are already there
When we get to the sea, we’ll take out the surfboard.Chorus:
Again we’re surfing
Riding the waves.
Here comes a big wave
Be carful not to fall.
From Bat Yam to Hertzliya
It’s just me and my surfboard.