Tzad Aleph Tzevet (staff) make tefilot (prayers) accessible and fun!

At the beginning of the final day of shavua hachana (staff week), tzad aleph tzevet (staff) gathered on the mirpeset (porch) overlooking the agam (lake) to daven shacharit with creative and thoughtful activities and a lot of ruach (spirit).  Before Birkot Hashachar, each tzrif (bunk) received strips of paper with the brachot on them and they were asked to place them in the order that made the most sense to the group, without looking at the siddur. The groups came up with many different thoughtful answers.

For the second activity, each madrich (counselor) was asked to think about how they personally get prepared for tefilah.  Then all of the madrichim (counselors) in each tzrif (bunk) made a plan for how they will help their chanichim (campers) prepare for tefilah each morning.  Some of the ideas were: playing happy music, making sure that the chanichim have snacks, and having chanichim think about all of their personal blessings.

They are all very excited to put their plans into action tomorrow when they meet their chanichim!


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