Update for families with first and full session campers

This letter is being sent to parents of first and full session campers who are picking up their first session campers by car on Sunday, July 25.

We have heard questions from some of you about our policies for visiting with full summer campers while picking up your first session camper.

We totally understand why families wish to do this but in consultation with our medical advisors we have decided to proceed with our plan to not allow it. We are all sad that we can’t have visiting day, but we believe it is extremely important to tighten our bubble for the start of second session and, therefore, are maintaining our policy of no visitors to camp. We will certainly allow for a virtual visit Sunday or Monday for all full session campers. An email with instructions will be sent in the coming days. We are all sad that we can’t have visiting day.

The campers and staff are having a great time at camp this summer. I don’t think it is possible to fully explain how complicated planning every aspect of camp has been this summer. We spent the offseason planning camp under ever changing regulations and then the realities on the ground dictate adjustments. Every program, special day, Shabbat, weather plan, medical policy, testing regimen and so forth takes hours and hours to work through. Opening and closing days are extremely complicated and the changing of sessions is actually the hardest time in camp. Despite these logistical challenges, bringing back Ramah has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am just asking for your understanding that this decision was deeply considered and hoping for your support.

We are constantly reassessing our protocols but we anticipate that no counselors will be leaving camp after Wednesday, July 21 through the end of the session. This will give us greater confidence that we will start second session COVID free.

Thank you again for sharing your campers with us this summer and helping us bring back Ramah.

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