Update from Ramah Seminar in Israel!

Sam Orelowitz sends this update from Ramah Seminar in Israel:

The South was easily the best leg of seminar. Unlike the North and Jerusalem where all of the buses were staying together, seminar was split into two groups, which allowed easier bonding between buses. Being on Rachel, I found the smaller environment easier to build connections with people from Bialik and Shemer. Since it was very hot down south, we got a nice balance of fun activities like morning bike rides, sand dunes, and snorkeling, and resting and pool time during the afternoon.

We learned about how the Negev impacts Israeli industry, along with David Ben Gurion’s vision for the Negev, which we learned about at his house in Sde Boker. We learned about kibbutzim and how they function, which we would come to learn is a very interesting way to live.

The last leg of seminar was wrapped up very poetically, as we watched the sun rise on Masada to end the trip after watching the sun rise on Mt. Arbel to begin the trip. It was the most fun leg of the trip and I would not have wished to end the curriculum of seminar in any other way.