D’var Torah on Parshat Pinchas: “Banot Just Wanna Own Land”

It’s been a long-standing tradition that, on Friday night of Shavua Hachana (Staff Week), our Rashei Edot compete to see who can give the best D’var Torah.  They perform in front of the assembled tzevet (staff) during shira after aruchat erev on Friday night, and a panel of judges awards the winner based on many factors including content, creativity, delivery, humor, use of Meah Milim, Ted Lasso references, and more.

This kayitz, rather than giving Divrei Torah on the parsha we read during Shavua Hachana, we gave each team of Roshim one of the parsheot of first session.  Every Friday, the Roshim re-present their awesome Divrei Torah in front of the entire machane (camp).

Here is the amazing — and contest-winning! — D’var Torah on Parshat Pinchas: “Banot Just Wanna Own Land”!