Magshimim/Bogrim Kishroniyah Musical!

Last week, in the “Make Your Own Musical” Kishroniyah group, these talented Magshimim & Bogrim campers created an entire musical entirely from scratch!!

We’re so impressed by their work! Please enjoy this recording of their performance in front of their edot at the end of the Kishroniyah week.

Led by Landon Braverman, these kids created this complete production entirely from scratch!!  They came up with the idea, wrote the script, wrote the songs and music, and then performed their extraordinary creation in front of the rest of their edot!

The sound quality in the video isn’t the best, so take a look at their full script to appreciate the brilliance of what they wrote.

Kishroniyah is one of our centerpiece programs for our Tzad Bet (B-Side) chanichim (campers).  Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word kishron, which means skill.  For one week each summer, we invite an array of high-level specialists into camp to run intense special programs for our older campers.  Machon and Nivonim have 12 hours of Kishroniyah from Sunday-to-Wednesday, and Magshimim and Bogrim have 8 hours of Kishroniyah from Wednesday-to-Friday.

Landon Braverman is a highly experienced composer and educator in the Jewish world. He is the Tefillah Specialist and Family Service Leader at Kane Street Synagogue, and the Music Teacher at Hannah Senesh Community Day School. He was the Songleader for multiple summers at Sprout Brooklyn. He has worked in the music department of various Broadway shows. In his spare time, he is a Birthright Fellow and has staffed 4 trips to Israel. He loves sharing in the creation process with young people and helping them own their Jewish identity through music making.

MAKE YOUR OWN MUSICAL is a theatrical program that gives kids the opportunity to be the creators and stars of their own new original musical! Throughout, participants will learn how to write their own lyrics, melodies, and scenes. This interactive experience culminates with a performance for fellow campers. Led by award-winning composer and Jewish songleader Landon Braverman, Make Your Own Musical is a unique and fun way for kids to explore their own Jewish narratives.