Nivonim University Presents: How to hang your Mezuzah

This summer our educational theme was Makom Kadosh (Sacred Space). Through a variety of creative activities and discussions, campers explored ideas and questions related to Makom Kadosh such as: what makes something a Makom Kadosh, how can we work to make camp a Makom Kadosh, and how can we help make our own home a Makom Kadosh?

In connection with this theme, and as part of our year-round initiative called Take Ramah Home, all campers learned about the Jewish traditions, laws, and rituals related to the mezuzah. Campers then worked with Cecilia Kremer, a professional artist who specializes in mosaics, to create their own personalized mezuzah.

View our video, by Nivonim campers, on how to hang your Mezuzah

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We encourage all Ramah families to hang your child’s mezuzah in your home, and to send us pictures of your family hanging it together. Pictures can be sent to Ben Greene, Director of Education and Year Round Initiatives, at