Nivonim Zimkudiya

Last night Nivonim really took center stage at the Zimkudiya (Israeli Song and Dance Festival).  Our Paparazzi MiNis (Madrichim B’Nivonim/Counselors that are Nivonimers) served as the MC’s for the all-Camp event and were excellent dugmaot/role models as they spoke entirely b’ivrit/in Hebrew.  The MC’s introduced every edah/division, but they saved the best for last.  Nivonim served as the grand finale and performed a song and a dance. The Rikkud/Dance MiNis choreographed and taught our whole edah a new dance. I am so proud of our hanichim/campers for stepping up into leadership roles.  Yasher Koach to our Paparazzi MiNis, Carmi, Taylor, Nathan, Naomi, Mia and Hannah for an job well done as MC’s! And Yasher Koach to the Rikkud MiNis, Nitzan, Beth, Emma and Suzanne for teaching all of Nivonim an amazing new dance!