The Origin of Eshet Chayil at Camp Ramah in New England!

Here is a great, short interview, filmed this past weekend at our 60th Anniversary reunion, of Ramahnik Adam Wall.  Adam  arranged the Eshet Chayil tune that is now so popular at Camp Ramah in New England, that we sing each and every Friday night at camp!

Rosh Shira Ami Margolis brought the tune to camp, and then in 2004 three of our Rashei Edah who were also singers in Pizmon (Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg, Hazzan Jesse Holzer, and Dave Goldman) began singing it on Friday night.  In 2006, the song was taught on Tu B’Av to the boys to sing to the girls in the spirit of Tu B’Av.  They then sang it on a Friday night that summer.  Thus members of our tzevet (staff) who learned the arrangement as Nivonimers learned it as campers and then continued to use it when they became tzevet members.  This continued with subsequent Nivonim edot and now that Eshet Chayil tune is sung every Friday night by campers and staff at Camp Ramah in New England!