Ramah Campers Shine at our Camp-Wide Talent Show!

Last night was an incredible, special night here at Ramah New England!  It was our camp-wide talent show, and our campers were amazing!!

Last week, each edah had a talent show competition in which they crowned an edah champion who would go on to compete in our camp-wide event.

That event happened last night, and it was extraordinary to see the astounding talents on display.  Every one of the nine performances was amazing.  What was particularly cool was that we saw all different sorts of talents on display: singing, drumming, magic, gymnastics, a yo-yo act, a band, and more.

I was particularly moved by how supportive and enthusiastic all of the chanichim/ot (campers) in the crowd were.  The kids in the audience ROARED with approval after every single act, not just their edah’s representative.  At one point, during a song performance, many of the madrichim/ot in the audience, totally spur-of-the-moment, lit up their phones and waved them in a dazzling light-show in support of the performer on-stage.  I was reminded what a special community we have here at camp, in which kids and young adults create a kehillah (community) with love and support for one another.

In the camp-wide event, we had a panel of judges evaluating each act based on the following criteria:

  • Overall performance – the overall quality and execution of the act
  • Skill – do they demonstrate mastery of whatever they are performing
  • Heart – charisma, confidence, and expression of the performer or group
  • Audience engagement – the reaction, interaction, and feedback of the audience
  • Stage appearance – props or other elements that enhance the presentation of the act
  • Creativity – the originality, uniqueness, and innovation of the act

Additionally, every few acts, we paused to allow everyone in the audience to compete in some brief tzrif (competitions), so they could earn extra nekudot (points) for their edah’s representative.

At the end of a thrilling evening, we awarded the winner: JoJo from KOCHAVIM!!  JoJo’s performance can be seen in the clip at the top of this blog entry, and if you scroll down to the end of this blog you’ll see the moment in which we announced the winner.

You can watch ALL of the amazing talent show performances below!

Here’s Henry from Ilanot:

Ramah Talent Show – Ilanot from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Sasha, Eleanor, Cora, Rosie, Danya & Ayelet from Solelim:

Ramah Talent Show – Solelim from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Rapha from Shoafim:

Ramah Talent Show – Shoafim from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Elijah from Tikvah:

Ramah Talent Show – Tikvah from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Elliott from Magshimim:

Ramah Talent Show – Magshimim from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Josie, Velvel, Sam & Maggie from Bogrim:

Ramah Talent Show – Bogrim from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Judah & Shai from Machon:

Ramah Talent Show – Machon from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

Here’s Rayne from Nivonim:

Ramah Talent Show – Nivonim from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

And here’s our announcement of the winner: JoJo from KOCHAVIM!!

Ramah Talent Show – the winner is… from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.