In Search Of… Camp Ramah in Connecticut!

Our count-down to our 60th anniversary summer continues with our second weekly 60th Anniversary video!   (If you missed last week’s premiere 60th anniversary video, click here.)  This week, we peel back the layers of Ramah history to explore Camp Ramah in New England’s beginnings in Connecticut!

Last month, several members of our year-round staff — Rabbi Gelb, Josh Edelglass, Rhonda Parker, and Ed Pletman – set off in search of Camp Ramah in Connecticut!  We wanted to track down the exact site of Camp Ramah in Connecticut, where Ramah in New England flourished from 1953-1965, before its move to Palmer.  With the help of Warren Edwards, Jr., the son of the camp’s caretaker, we… well, just watch the video and see what happened on our journey!