Sneak Peek at the Kayitz 2009 DVD Yearbook: Edah Intro Skits!!

Last week, before Thanksgiving, I was able to finalize all of the artwork for our kayitz 2009 DVD yearbook (the DVD case front & back, the two-sided insert, and the disc art itself).  Now all that remains is for us to be patient for the 3-or-so weeks it takes for all of our DVDs to be duplicated.  Patience is hard!!  To help tide you all over, we’re happy to present another sneak peek at this year’s DVD, this time of one of the special features.

At the very end of the summer, each edah’s Rosh Edah (often accompanied by his/her s’gan rosh and many of the edah’s counselors) recorded a short message to their edah.  This has been a Video Yearbook tradition for many years!  Hope you enjoyed this year’s skits (and I hope you all kept watching until the very end, to see Ethan Linden & Ed Gelb’s fabulous dance moves!!).

If you missed it, click here to see the opening few minutes of this year’s DVD.