Ten For ROO: Week One Update!

Welcome to our weekly summer Ten for ROO update videos!

Every Friday morning, we’ll post a Ten for ROO video in which Rabbi Ed Gelb, Josh Edelglass, and Michelle Sugarman walk (or golf cart!) around camp, chatting with our chanichim/ot (campers) about life at camp!

We want to give you a chance to get a peek at all the incredible fun we’re having at camp… and to hear about it from the kids (and staff-members) who are living it each day with us here at camp!

Here in our week one video, we visit the farm and see our new donkeys — and discuss parshat Balak, which features a talking donkey — as well as our Alpine Tower, our Outdoor Cooking chugim, our newly-redesigned chorsha (grove), and lots more.

Shabbat shalom!