Work Begins on the Kayitz 2009 DVD Yearbook!!

For the last several weeks I have been hard at work on creating the Kayitz 2009 Video Yearbook. This is one of my favorite parts of my year-round job!

The task begins with my sitting down to review all of the footage filmed over the course of kayitz 2009. This takes many weeks!! Various staff members worked with me to film footage all summer long, so we wound up with about 80 hours worth of footage. You can do the math!

As I review the footage, I “capture” (using Adobe Premiere) all o the best clips. That 80 hours of footage gets boiled down to about 10-12 hours of the best stuff. Then the really fun part begins — I start editing that down into the 2-hour DVD (the main 1-hour video yearbook, and about an hour’s worth of “special features”).

I’ll be posting some snippets of the yearbook on Youtube (as well as our web-site and this blog) as I work, so keep checking back for clips! Here’s a great montage of Rick Recht’s concert at camp this past summer!

Of course, everyone who comes to our reunions (click here for all the info) will get to see the Premiere Screening of the kayitz 2009 video yearbook, projected on the big screen!  We hope you’ll all be able to join us!