Yom Sport Breakout!

It’s Yom Sport!!

Yesterday afternoon, adat ha-Nivonim broke out Yom Sport 2023!  After aruchat tzohorayim (lunch), the entire machane gathered for what was billed as a medical update from Olga from the Marp.

A few minutes in, the Nivonimers interrupted the program — but it wasn’t Yom Sport, it was just a fake-out.  (You might notice that the kids were wearing colors, but not the classic Yom Sport colors.)

Then Olga began her presentation again — only to be interrupted AGAIN for the REAL Yom Sport break-out!  (And don’t worry, Olga was in on the whole plan.)

We’ve already had an incredible Yom Sport all yesterday afternoon and this morning, filled with incredible ruach (spirit) and excitement.  We’ll have LOTS more photos and videos ready to share soon!!