Yom Sport Zimkudiyah!

In an exciting new wrinkle to our Yom Sport traditions, this year our Yom Sport opening ceremonies last night was a ZIMKUDIYAH!  This evening of music, of singing and dancing, has been a long tradition at Ramah.  But we’ve never before incorporated it into our Yom Sport festivities!

Here’s how it worked: since the beginning of the kayitz, all of the hanichim (campers) in camp have been learning four new songs and four new dances.  They knew that the performance of these songs and dances would be a part of Yom Sport, and that each team would perform one shira and one rikud, but they didn’t know when Yom Sport would come, nor did they know which shira and rikud would be assigned to each team.  Yesterday, after breakout, our Nivonimers (who run Yom Sport) announced the assignments, and last night after aruchat erev, our Zimkuidyah began.  It was phenomenal!  The ruach and excitement in our Bet Am Gadol was amazing.

Here are some short snippets of the four teams’ performances!  (See above for Kachol!)